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Making your sales flow is possible with the right process
Let´s see what would work best for you? 

Growthpacks consulting services

Tailored SalesOS as a Service
I will design with you an end to end sales process that can be scale up across channels

- Great to startup a new process
- Ideal for remote Selling & Inside Sales
- Plug&play for commission based agents
Across Channels
Plug & Play
Content Engine
Custom Funnels

In Person 1 to 1  MASTERCLASS
5 Week Program

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I will guide you in 5 Sessions in person to be clear about what to do and how to do it.
with the online platform

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No surprise fees.


1 to 1 Coach

I will personally will build up your Sales Process with you

In person Build it together sessions 2h per week
Ad hoc Growth model designed for your case
Access to all program resources
1 year Membership
In person support



All included for self-paced Do it yourself. 3 month min

Online Course Platform
Clonable Models
Guided Tours
Checklist & exercises
Online support
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And the actionable templates that work from the first minute
Sales Audit
Onboarding Path
Tools & Process
Tech Setups
Flash learning
Actionable Templates
Ready-to use
All the way
On-going support to get you off the ground , above and beyond
Lifetime Upgrade
To new Playbooks, Automations and Flows


Sales Process Growth Foundation

We will work together to find out if this program is a good fit for you .  Success in Sales Is not about being busy doing things. Is about doing the right things -We will work here to outline the growth foundation

Kick -off

"For any complex problem , there is always a solution that is simple , popular and wrong"

Growth have to be designed. Choose you goals, define a process and then use the right tools to scale.
We have defined the playbooks  to help you master the journey to sustainable success

Full Digital sales process overview

Agenda Growth Foundation

What it takes to make it a success . Step by step with 1 to 1 guidance , exercises and support

Your sales Process Audit ;

Pre-assessment Sales process Audit to discuss about your case , sales process , goals & Kpis ;

Salesflows overview

Best No-Code tools for sales

Digital Sales Learning Center

Every session with have Follow up to resolve doubts and help to make the best out of the program ,every day focused in one module-  to ensure you have time to put everything in practice

What you will get

  • Your Sales Process analyzed
  • Diagrams and Sales Process Maps
  • Access to the Learning Center
  • A Copy of the Digital Sales Guide Book

You will be able to define what sales process make sense for you

Prospecting by Signals : Reach to People already Interested

Develop an agile process to find people interested in what you sell AND keep their interest context to engage with the most relevant messaging

Module 1

"When we engage with someone, we need  to engage with them in their context, what they actually need or care about"

Some sales goes better than others . The prospect is engaged and responsive and everything flows .
One of the most significant factors to predict the outcome of a sales process is the quality of the list in the first place . Yet many times we try to go for shortcuts to build our targets lists;  just getting a list by some dubious criteria or just a search in Linkedin by title. That could work in some cases but will it work in a consistent basis?. Is hard enough to get the attention of people who have the problem you solve , so don't waste your time with people who are not even interested in the first place.
So, what is it that makes some prospects better than others? can you define anything that indicate a good one?
if so , why not not look for more people with these signs and also look for more signs in other channels.
To be able to adjust the messages to the specific interest  we need first a way to find that interest , then categorise it and keep it linked to each profile. We will get a way to manage the complexity
This process will allow you to build up your messaging to be hyper-relevant and yet be able to scale .

Agenda Social Prospecting Bootcamp

How to define and find your prospects signals of interest





  • ADS


What you will get

  • Your Airtable base ready to add prospects across channels
  • Able to add prospects from your Contacts database, CRM , Google Contacts, CSV files and Linkedin
  • Set up the signal action , channel and the key attributes to match sales proposition ; keyword, topic, level, stage..

You will be able to add prospects to your sales funnel with the relevant context metadata straight after the session

Laser Sales Propositions ; Transmit value that is relevant

Create messages that transmits your value with the key information needed at each step that relates to their problem

Module 2

"When prospects  feel you understand their needs you become a trusted advisor"

You need a system that models the patterns to develop relations, tailored to each customer context . What it takes to attract and develop each target customer as an audience of one -from top level concepts to specific laser value- then replicate it for others with the same context.

Agenda Positioning & Messaging

How to translate your value proposition to what matters to each persona

There is a buyer journey and is not your sales journey

The Personalisation Layers of your product Story ; Sales arguments that makes sense for your prospects base on the signals

How to Systematically deliver the most relevant message for each persona at each step across multiple channels

Get 80% of the story right;

create an actionable process to retrieve the right message according to the Customer DNA; topic, interest level , type or persona

What you will get

  • Your product golden matrix ( Why, How and What ) adjusted by the levels of details ( high , med, low) that makes sense in your case
  • A process to create sales value propositions for each layer and spot your story gaps ( Miro Board)
  • Set up your Tables ( Airtable or Notion ) with your sales propositions to match the buyer signals
  • Create AI assisted Value Propositions UltraSegmented by Products, Stakeholders, Drivers, Impacts.. defined in connected databases

You will be able to generate compelling value propositions specific to your define buyer criteria straight after the session

Match Signal to Value : Be compelling

Match signals to value in a personal flow with the next best message for each prospect for each moment

Module 3

Match buying signals to your value to produce the ultimate compelling value proposition

Make people most likely to agree to your proposition by being more aligned to their stated interests .
Optimize email copy, Linkedin Messages, calls scripts, sales collateral , landing pages or your content marketing


Create Sales Copy that converts -  The most impactful copy process

How to write effective Sales Copy - not about wording but about a process to know the the best message for each step

Anatomy of an effective message

Dynamic Personalization -Write the right copy for each moment & person-→ the model helps to segmentation by  Drivers, Topic & stakeholder

Rich data unlimited placeholder variables

The EASSY method to make relationships flow

What you will get

A system ready to send unlimited unique messages

  • Your Airtable base structured and with the formulas to produce unique messages for each prospect
  • Include the signal action , channel and the key attributes in each message
  • Ready to send -Connect to email , Slack , Twilio

You will get unique messages with the most relevant value proposition and unlimited rich data variables for each prospect , ready to be sent

Make it Flow : Scale up Yourseft

The closing session aim to put you in track to succeed . We will connect your system with all the other services and networks where your prospects are. So you can automate your sales flows.

Module 4

You have build your own model of what it takes to attract and develop each target customer as an audience of one , now you can scale it

What you will get

How to add prospects from CRM, CSV etc..Manually , in bulk or sync

How to connect your system to Email, SmS, Slack

Run Automations

How to Integrate it with thousands of SaaS tools via Make ( former Integromat)

Strategic Structure Model to give  A.I to  build up the Content x Sales Assets for each Flow


+Linkedin Automation

+Multi Step Sequences across Channels

+Content tracking

+Trigger Based Selling

You will be ready to multiply your success rate with potential customers

30 days no-risk guarantee

Increase your sales or your money back

Enroll with confidence

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SalesFlows Masters Benefits

Most Advanced Sales Methods

Constant updates with the latest tech, tools and resources in B2B Selling , to learn how to use the winning strategies that give you an edge.

Templates & Playbooks

High quality playbooks are instantly ready for you to use once you enroll, so you can jump right into the actions to instantly start seeing results and growth.

Founders & Makers Club

Be part of a group of growth practitioners
Get to know the ways that works with un-biased experiences


Bonus 1: FREE Consultation

Value $200

Growth has to be designed exactly to fit your case.
What is that worries you the most ? and then what's next ? I will put my experience to work for you , so you can make sure you are in the right path


Bonus 2: ChatGPT Prompt Structure to taylor copy to Customers Context

Get it Right $$$

A way to personalize the prompts by stage, action, Signals, topic to get unique messaging copy


Bonus 3: The Guidebook to Digital Growth


The foundation book to understand the modern buyer and the whys behind every strategy and every tool . It will give you the mindset to learn and succeed


Bonus 4: Startup No code SaaS & AI growth pack

Focus resources

Over The Shoulder Walk-trough with the latest tech to be Uber-productive , for presentations, databases , videos ..

Enroll now and get a 30 day money back guarantee

100% Risk Free Guarantee

30 Day Money Back Guarantee...

Promise: Purchase any program today 100% risk free. When you enroll you get 30 days of reassurance that if the course isn't right for you, you can request a refund.

Although all our Founders have loved the program so far, we wan't to make sure you get your value for money and find our product helpful. If you wish to proceed with a refund at any point, you will need to provide proof  to show that you attempted the course-by completing the workbooks- as we strongly believe in this product and only want committed students who care about getting results.

What other CEOs, COACH & SALES PROs are saying...


"This will put you ahead"

This is the way you do outreach this days if you want to be effective.
If you master this you are step ahead of everybody else

Martin Peters - CEO Xtatio


"A modern selling must"

it tells the big picture , It tells the story why did you choose those targets, what moves them , how, where those people sit , what are we addressing'.

Patricia Sainz- Manager Inside Sales CISCO


"Helped us accelerate our sales"

After many years in sales ,he was able to get me into the entire modern Sales landscape, he sets you up for success in a modern, outcome driven and rewarding way..

Gustaf Horn af Aminne CEO EQA


"An real expert that cares"

Jorge is super knowledgeable in outbound and inbound ,can go as deep or as high as you need but what really impress me is how committed he was to help us .

Juan Colon CEO Darwinex



Es increíble la pasión que despierta Jorge en todo lo relacionado con nuevas formas de social selling, con acercarse al cliente con una propuesta de valor clara'.

Alvaro Sastre - HR Agile Coach


"Inspirational ¡ "

"This is an amazing program! Jorge is been inspirational to me. He never gives up on you, to make sure that you make the best out of it.

Alla Idrisova- COO & INSEAD COACH

Frequently asked questions

So am I going to sell more ?, what are the KPIs? 

To sell more you need to engage with more qualified potential customers . To do that you need to;

a) Qualify them - with probing questions , BANT etc.. That requires to get in touch , get access, terms of efforts =time = money [$] ;
Find who to talk [easy $] +
Get their attention [ medium $$] +
Get Access [difficult  $$$]  +
Earn the right to ask questions & get the replies [ medium to difficult $$$].

So you need to get your average sales value and conversion rate to see if the total cost of acquisition is a positive return or not . And that are the main KPIs that you have to decide which one you can impact.

( LTV x Conversion Rate): CAC >1$

b) No matter the results of the above calculation , you will be better using their signals of interest as a proxy for where they are in their journey , so as an starting point  - and then move then along a path to fill the gaps .
With this method we are basically improving the ratio of equation ;

In the top ( numerator) ; the Conversion rate increases when you segment and personalize, while the LTV stays the same ( although it could be argued that more targeted communications could increase the average deal size)In the bottom ( denominator) ; the CAC decreases when using the prospecting process and specially if you automate some parts of it

Am I really saving money while getting more learning to do Sales Growth myself ? why dont pay to get it done for me ?

By joining the the program you are going to save a lot - of money and time- and most critically be able to focus on the right things to actually build the what your business needs to grow in the long run
We have bootstrapped many business so , as a principle, we always try hard to get the best hacks and deals . And we all jump into amazing new tools that makes things simpler, faster and of course cheaper.
But you have to be in control .First process then tools.
There are many tools or services that promise to help with your sales, your inbound , your outreach or just growth magic . Not only they will disappoint you but also you will get stuck in their "box" , in their way of do things.
You do need something that support your unique business , your own way of selling, to then be able to prioritize what strategies and then what tools to use.
The system we are going to build together is the foundation to be relevant to your customers. That is essential , then you can scale the process and build up on top to integrate any tools , channel or methodology
And the savings? well it turns out that best things in sales life are actually free or very cheap . You can build the most advanced systems to actually fit your business by a fraction of commercial packages  (that on top require expensive consultants) or of course agencies

Still would like to get a deal ..any way to get a discount ? Can I really get it for free? What's the Give $100€ -> Get $100€ plan? 

Yes, you can. There is a ( limited) campaign to give you back the program fees in exchange for your testimonial in social media.
It requires a simple [ Share this Post] about your case and what you learn, lets us give it a Like . Its pre-built in a templated model ( of course ) so it will take you only 3 min to earn 100 €/$ ( thats 2000 per hour ¡) .
You can also get 100€/$ back for every referral that signs up for the program. And they also will get a 100 €/$ , so they will appreciate your for your insights and also for saving them money¡
They are stackable , so if you get 5 people into the program yes, you can get the 5 week program for free. You can actually earn money¡
For referring members to the club both get 1 month free , also stackable ¡
And if you really like what we are doing , get in touch for the partner & franchise program

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