Sales OS Playbooks that match Value to People

Generic don´t get Customer´s Attention
Orchestrate your Sales Architecture to make sales Flow  The SalesOS is a structure to define your Go to Market strategy by modelling what it takes to win each Customer


Match Value to Signals

Be relevant to each prospect by matching their buying signals & Context with your best angle tailor made for them

To Resonate with Customers

A good Sales Message is not about copy but about giving a good reason to reach out & then be of help ¡

RE: Your comment in Linkedin

Hello { FIRST NAME} ,
I saw that you {ACTION} in [CHANNEL}
so I believe this is relevant {BEST MESSAGE }

Sales Strategy to Execution

A framework that structures sales and marketing workflows, to match the right value (messaging and content) to the right people for each step of the journey.

It uses relational databases to connect the building blocks, such as the product description, segmented value propositions (the why, how, and what), to the right customer context, their attributes (such as stakeholder, problems, benefits, etc.), and the stage of the relationship (type of communication and level).

And then ( optionally ) use artificial intelligence to compose the messaging that fits the conditions .

This helps to define and build personalised funnels that are more relevant than traditional template-based sequences, as easy as adding new rows to a spreadsheet.

Find the right people and keep their Context right

When we engage with someone, we need  to engage with them in their context ;
You need a way to keep track of the topic of interest but also their stage , their persona and any other attribute that matters

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Your best angle to their pain point

Translate your sales propositions to what matters for each type of buyer to engage in their context with the most compelling reason

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Make it Flow

Use Dynamic templates with AI & ChatGPT to get the best message for each person and moment - the one that moves that buyer to the next step

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Hi, is your Sales Process having a hard time getting you sales? I´ll help you.

Hi , I`m Jorge, I have been in Sales more than 20 years working at top companies like Cisco and also as CEO & Founder of software startups. That gave me a unique skill-set in Sales & Marketing, Technology and the word of Digital Sales.
Success in Sales Is not about being busy trying things. Is about doing the right things. I can help you to gain perspective and focus to master the journey to sustainable success

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We will build together your tailored Sales OS with No code tools that get better results that expensive software costing thousands a month that forces you to use obsolete sales processes
I will guide you , step by step , in 5 modules that cover the concepts and the practical hands on implementation. You will get
- The Digital Learning Hub with Lessons, Videos, Exercises and everything you need to get it done
- Ready to execute MODELS that you can clone and start using it
- The Digital Selling Guide Book
- and  more

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Sarah Smith
Lead Developer, Flowbase
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Craig Sams
Lead Developer, Flowbase
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Simon Lee
Lead Developer, Flowbase

Frequently asked questions

Is this a course , a methodology or a product? is a program where I personally teach you how to be successful. Combines a sales process with software , based in easy to use free no code tools , like Airtable, Notion, Miro, Linkedin Automation...and of course AI and ChatGPT3 . It easily Fits-in most modern sales methodologies or could be the one to follow if you prefer. You will get all you need to build tailored sales process that finally get results.

How long it takes? Can I do it in one week ?

The program consist in 5 modules with pre-assessment,practical hands on, exercises and follow- up focussed in you case. The sessions are condensed sessions of about an hour , so you can fit them at any moment. The idea is to work on one module per week, with some time to work on your own , so you have the chance to fully put into practice very aspect and then have the feedback session to fine tune it. So a week each it will take about a month and a half.
But if you are really in a hurry you could also do it at a faster pace , just get in touch to discuss your case.

What really takes to make it a success ? 

This is not magic nor requires you to be a skilled sales hacker , the key to success is just to build a habit . The habit  of looking for potential opportunities in Linkedin or elsewhere online and craft very specific and relevant messages just for them ,one group at a time. Then repeat it for others customers of the same type and other channels and types)
To help them you must provide the right arguments for the questions raised at each stage, in the form of messages and content. When you do you become trusted and the relationship moves , one step at a time.
The combination of highly relevant & timely messages, adding value to build the relationship, will multiply exponentially your sales results.
Develop successfull relations requires several steps but the good news are , you can build a process to do it step by step and then scale it effortlessly .

I don't want to learn new software more tools ... can I use other software? 

Yes, you can. The process is based in a common methodology that can be used with different tools, so if you have a specific requirement, get in touch to discuss how to adapt to it . However the process as it is uses tools that are mostly free or very cheap and have a very low-to-none learning curve ie; if you know how to use a word processor , you can use Google docs or Notion without blinking . The same with excel and Airtable or Coda etc.. But the point of the new tools is that , while they are easy to use , they are also extremely powerful , unleashing functionalities that were only available before programming or buying very complex ( and expensive ) software.
So in the long run it is worthy to slowly uncover those extras. Anyway if you feel that there is a better tool in your case I am happy to include it.

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